SHSAT Practice Tests

Central Park Tutors is all about helping students excel in school and academics. We prepare students for the milestones and assessments in their academic lives. When it comes to the Specialized High School Admission Test, we prepare students by offering tutoring services and practice tests.

Our New York SHSAT practice tests prepare students for the two sections of the exam. We have sample questionnaires that are similar to the actual exams.

Our archive includes New York SHSAT practice tests dating back to 2011. This is to give students an idea of the general objectives, subject coverage, and style of the standardized test. These also include information about the specialized high schools in the state, test centers, the application process, test description and materials, and valuable tips for the exam.

SHSAT Practice Tests

Here are links to the New York practice tests. The SHSAT consists of 2 sections, the verbal and the Mathematics. Each section is 75 minutes, The Verbal section consists of reading comprehension, scrambled paragraphs and logical reasoning. Usually, students have not seen the question types included in the scrambled paragraphs and logical reasoning sections, so practicing them is quite important. Similarly, while many students have seen most of the root academic math in the SHSAT, they have usually not seen all of the math, as some of the math is 9th grade material, even for advanced students. Thus, practicing the math section is also quite useful, once students have learned the root math.

The SHSAT’s below are from actual SHSAT handbooks. Each handbook contains two full SHSAT practice tests. Do scroll to the content pages to find the page where the actual tests begin.

Click here for the 2015 SHSAT Practice Tests.

Click here for the 2013 SHSAT Practice Tests.

Click here for the 2011 SHSAT Practice Tests.

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For an estimation of cutoff scores for each school, please see the chart below:

2015 (low score / high score)
Stuyvesant 556 / 703
Bronx Science 510 / 703
Brooklyn Latin 477 / 552
Brooklyn Technical 483 / 689
HSMSE @ CCNY 503 / 633
HSAS @ Lehman 503 / 603
Queens Science @ York College 505 / 580
Staten Island Tech 508 / 703

2014 (cutoff score / high score)
Stuyvesant 559 / 697
Bronx Science 517 / 678
Brooklyn Latin 480 / 541
Brooklyn Technical 486 / 628
HSMSE @ CCNY 512 / 610
HSAS @ Lehman 506 / 646
Queens Science @ York College TBD / 612
Staten Island Tech 506 / 638