Raising Little Ones in China

We have just begun exploring other blogs out there who we think are interesting and in that effort we came across an interesting program called Can Cubs.  CanCubs is an English-based pre-school and kindergarten playgroup in Shanghai.  We have begun a dialogue with them to see in what ways the environment in Shanghai mirrors that of NYC, and in what ways it's different - from competition for kindergartens, to academic expectations for little ones, to parent expectations, to our perspective as educators on what works best.

You can see here my interview with CanCubs founder Mathew Foster. Worth checking out for another perspective on how to raise our pre-schoolers...and how we are all dealing with many of the same pressures, hopes and challenges.


And you can read his review of our book, "Puzzles For Young Children," by clicking here:




Have you or your kids struggled with this? If so, we'd love to hear about it and strategies you took to overcome it in the comments below!

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