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Beyond The Curriculum

Rocket Building, Computer Coding, Playwriting, Museum Sketching, Painting, Acting, Music, Learning Mandarin, and More!

Below are of some of the awesome opportunities for private study we offer that go beyond the ordinary school curriculum.  If these inspire your own ideas for a project – just click here to email us about what we can create with you. 

Build a Rocket with a Yale Physicist.  Yes, you can build a rocket in a summer! Or might your child want to know what a liquid Xenon time projection chamber is? How about a high energy particle physics tracking chamber? Want to engineer a creation of your own, or learn the foundations of computer coding? Ask Richard! Or build a telescope with Evan, our in-house Astronomer, to see the stars in a whole new light. Want to create your own science project? We’d love to help!

Develop Your Own One-Person Show with actor and playwright Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s own work has been called “sparklingly vivid” by the Hollywood Reporter, and “fantastic” by the LA Times, and she has been teaching acting and writing for more than 20 years;

Learn Guitar, Piano or Rapping. Study with Rock Guitarist and Record Label owner Emily, learn Keyboard and Piano from NYU Music Teacher Chando, or rap with Steve, the writer of a true viral rap hit.

Sketch At The Met. Head to Moma and The Met where Painter and Kids Art Studio owner Jeanne L will guide students through a personal sketching course, on the museum sites.

Explore NYC Biodiversity with Amy. Head to the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and the parks to explore and create your own biodiversity projects with Mt. Sinai Biologist and Neuroscientist Amy F.

And there is so much more, from Computer Coding, Learning Mandarin, Japanese, French or German, Poetry and Story Writing, Mock Stock Investing, Film and Play Reviewing, and TV Show Writing to pretty much anything else you can imagine!

To read more ideas for tutoring, do check out our journal here.

Call us at 917-502-9108 or email us to speak about extra-curricular ideas you might want to explore! 

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