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Master The Series Seven Exam With Finance Expert Bruce Papps

We are proud to have partnered with Master Finance Tutor Bruce Papps to help students prepare and pass the Series Seven Exam.

Bruce is a veteran Series Seven Exam Preparation Specialist who has helped  more than seventy students study for and pass the the Series Seven Exam.  Having taught the test for more than ten years, he has helped students with a wide variety of backgrounds – from students who struggle with the quantitative sections to students who need to focus on understanding the wide array of industry knowledge the exam asks for. Throughout, Bruce has kept a passing rate of his students at 92 percent.

Bruce is Series Seven has been Series Seven licensed himself for twenty years and served as a Vice President at Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer and Lehman Brothers, after which he launched and ran his own investment firm on Wall Street for fifteen years.   He has more than thirty years of intimate involvement in all aspects of the real world application of all areas of the Series Seven topics.

Bruce holds a degree in statistics and finance from the Wharton School. He did his graduate study at Columbia University in advanced mathematics, holding a 4.1/4.0 GPA.

Series Seven Tutors who are this experienced in teaching the test, who also know and can impart a real world application of it’s underlying knowledge, and who in addition are gifted teachers of the quantitative sections are truly rare.

We are proud to have partnered with Bruce to offer students the finest Series Seven Exam preparation in New York City.

The rate is $200 an hour, and we bill at the end of each month.

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