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The Most Effective LSAT Tutoring In New York City

“Central Park Tutors helped me immensely. After a Kaplan course, I was still scoring an 8/23 on logic games. By the end of your sessions, I was scoring 23/23 – truly a testament to your gift for teaching!” -Lillian

We have partnered with Master LSAT Teacher Reesa Graham. Reesa is an LSAT test-expert who spent fifteen years at the largest LSAT teaching company in the world teaching the LSAT, becoming not only one of their spokespeople, but their teachers of teachers. She then left to join our firm.

Her approach is unique for each student, and is based on a comprehensive diagnostic exam in each of the LSAT core areas: logical reasoning, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension. Unlike other teachers who purely teach test-taking strategy, she has the teaching experience to understand the fundamental skills needed to reach excellence in each area.
We believe that by partnering with Reesa, Central Park Tutors is offering the finest LSAT tutoring in New York City, if not the country. Most students require between 20 and 40 hours of tutoring; however all tutoring is designed to place students in the top percentile of test-takers and we highly suggest allowing yourself ample time for whatever tutoring is needed and for continued exercises once LSAT tutoring is complete.