Central Park Tutors has been recommended by students and parents of leading schools throughout New York City including Riverdale, Spence, Loyola, Epiphany, Poly Prep, Brooklyn Friends, Stuyvesant, Beacon, Manhattan Day School, Brooklyn Tech and more.

In addition, we have been featured in the New York Times, as well as in an assortment of NYC parenting blogs, and hired by Columbia University Teacher's College to provide test-prep and college application guidance for Columbia's visiting international high school students.Below are some recommendations from some of the many wonderful students and families we have worked with...

  • I just wanted to let you know, I got my scores for the SAT back and I got a 2310! I'm obviously thrilled, as this was higher
    than my original goal. Thanks so much again for all of your help!!

    –Rylen, a happy student

  • Dear Mike, We have SO loved Caedra, just so you know. I also wanted to say how much we like Abhi. You have a particular genius in finding great tutors. Thank you for sending such extraordinary people our way!

    –-Nina, A Homeschooling Mom

  • I want to take a moment to stand on a soap box and THANK Michael for being determined and persistent in finding a person to break down the wall in the corner of my daughter's left brain. I got the most gratifying email from my daughter after meeting with your tutors. She for once felt good about math - but I could see more; she actually was saying she felt good about herself.  


  • I wanted to let you know you did a fabulous job with our group. The sessions were very productive and the group got a lot out of each of them. All of your efforts and support this year means a great deal to us. We are so thankful for our partnership and looking forward to more in the future!

    –-Wyatt M., Director, Harlem Leadership Program

  • I just got my results for the SHSAT. I got a 574, and I made it into STUYVESANT! […] My mom said we'll hook up with you for the SAT's!

    –Victor, a happy new student at Stuyvesant

  • Michaela got a 720 on her Literature SAT subject test and she just got her AP English score back - a 5! Thanks for your help!

    –Liz Fisher, Executive Assistant, The Office of Kerry Kennedy

  • Tessa is fantastic. Alec has made enormous progress.

    –Terry, father of a 9th grade student

  • I would not have graduated NYU without Greg's statistics help.

    –Elizabeth, NYU grad student

  • You were able to help Kelly with her essays by praising her writing, while at the same time encouraging her to rewrite when necessary–and rewriting is not something she enjoys. Thank you again for helping Kelly get accepted to her first choice college!

    –Patricia, a mom and teacher

  • Nico got a 171 on his LSAT. That was in the 98 percentile. He was so happy with his score as were my husband and I. Please thank your tutor for us. I have several friends whose kids will be taking the LSAT soon and they have asked about her. I have told them not to even waste their money on Kaplan.

    –Silvia, a young lawyer's mom

  • …your help navigating the Special Ed world was incredible. I just got Max into a private school paid for by the city!

    –Eva, the mom of a brilliant dyslexic student

  • We just got Ben's ERB results. This is fantastic! You guys are awesome, as is Katherine! Thanks so much!

    –Katherine, a proud mom of a brilliant student

  • I just wanted to let you know what a rock star Lane is. Lane tutored my son Nicholas for the Hunter test a few years ago, for which he scored above the threshold for the round that followed after testing. My only request is that if Lane is still tutoring two years from now - that he makes room in his busy tutoring schedule for Nick as he will be preparing for the SAT!!

    –Jodi, a happy mom

  • I can't tell you how happy we have been with Ravi. He has been an excellent teacher - professional, encouraging, super patient and so easy to work with...


  • Thank you for sharing Alex with us. She was wonderful - in the way that she bonded with my daughter, in her patient instruction, in the energy she brought into our home, in the observations she made and the materials she had with her.

    –Dorian, a happy mom

  • Thank you so much for your help on the ISEE! Harry got into Horace Mann and we are very exicted. Stephen was a great help.

    –Avery, Horace Mann father

  • We have had an outstanding experience with Central Park Tutors. Our son Aiden started working with Ranjani because he wanted to learn how to read and was frustrated at the pace in school. She helped him get comfortable with his reading and writing. She even prepped him for the NYC G&T process. Aiden was relaxed and confident for the test and got into one of the NYC Citywide G&T schools. We continue to use Central Park Tutors to help Aiden transition through first grade and look forward to starting to work with our other son on G&T prep soon!

    –- Keith, a happy dad.

  • Stephanie has really done a fabulous job in helping him with his reading, essay writing, and math throughout this important fourth grade year. Can’t thank her enough! She has made an enormous difference in his ability to stay focused and on track.

    –Edward A.

  • Your SHSAT tutor Emily was fabulous and a wonder to work with. Caroline loved her and prized her input and knowledge.

    –Pascal, a dedicated dad

  • Going to grad school for an MBA can be pretty hectic, I used to see general requirement classes such as calculus and the likes  as an obstacle but not anymore!!, Central Park Tutors provided me with the patience, guidance, and top notch professionalism to help me not just pass, but gain the confidence needed to actually view learning not just as a one time ( pass the test thing ), but learn the math fishing game to feed me for a life time =).

    –Juan G.

  • Our tutor was very professional and did such a great job of connecting with our 4 year old son. She was energetic, fun, yet disciplined and focused. And our son passed the G&T test!

    –Erin Pursell

  • My school used CPT to bring in an SAT prep specialist for a small group of 9th graders. Jeena has been working with our students (spring semester 2016) and has been wonderful. Great company. Great tutors. I highly recommend!

    –Scott Liv

  • Emily is the epitome of a wonderful tutor. She did everything that in our view a successful tutor must do -- she figured out how to instantly connect with Marco and how to adapt her teaching style on the fly to how he best learns.

    –Jeff, Dad

  • Central Park Tutors helped me immensely. After a Kaplan course, I was still scoring an 8/23 on logic games. By the end of your sessions, I was scoring 23/23 - truly a testament to your gift for teaching!

    –Lillian an LSAT student

  • I think I had written you an earlier email singing the praises of Ravi. He was excellent in every way. I think we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. If we have to do this again next year or for my daughter down the road, I would certainly use Ravi again. I cannot say enough great things about him and his approach.

    –Alicia, mom of a middle schooler

  • Just wanted to say how incredibly much we loved Emily and how fantastic she is as a tutor. She was able to pinpoint where Maya's academic and cognitive soft spots were and really aimed to support her in a holistic manner. Maya just took her ISEE and we were really pleased with her three 8's and one 7 in Quantitive reasoning.
    Emily was really a blessing and she is just one of the nicest people I have ever met as well.