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The SAT, SAT II, ACT & AP Tests

SAT and ACT Tutoring in Manhattan That Goes Beyond Test-Taking Tips

It’s possible to study for the SAT and ACT by doing more than learning test-taking tips. Unlike the massive test-prep companies, we go beyond teaching cookie-cutter strategies for guessing the right answer, we teach the math, grammar and writing/vocab subject knowledge needed to know which answers are correct. That’s how we have consistently raised scores by more than 300 points!

Our SAT and ACT tutors have literally written the test-questions for the most well-known prep books and they have years of experience teaching the test material. They are trained in all areas of the subject material, numerous ways to teach it, and in test-taking strategies.

And of course, instead of learning in a large class with a standardized curriculum and the disruption of other students, our students work one-on-one with their tutor according to a curriculum built specifically for them to ensure that every hour is spent focussed on each particular student’s needs.

SAT Subject Test and AP Test Tutoring

We have a long track record of teaching SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests. We have worked with great success helping students through regular (1 year) preparation and “emergency” crash courses. Having helped students achieve perfect scores of 800 on their subject tests and perfect “Fives” on their AP Tests through regular preparation and having raised student scores by more than 150 points in less than a week for the SAT Subject Tests, we know what has to happen to score well.

All of our Subject Test and AP Test tutors are WELL-TRAINED in the subject matter, holding Master’s Degrees in the relevant subject and with at least two years of teaching experience. We provide all materials and create a unique curriculum for each student so they can build upon the areas most in need and learn the subject material knowledge requisite for success. Call us at 917-502-9108 to sign up for a free diagnostic exam!