Test Prep

Gifted and Talented Tests & The AABL


After ten years of preparing students for school entrance tests in NYC, we are not only becoming experts on the NYC Gifted and Talented Test and the AABL Private School Entrance Test, we just wrote the book on it!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our prep book, built on our many years of experience, specifically for parents and teachers to use with children to help prepare them for the NYC G and T.

Our tutors use these materials, and their creativity as experienced elementary school teachers, to ensure our students are fully prepared to take the G and T and AABL tests, and are confident, relaxed, joyous learners.

The Gifted and Talented Test is based on two well known Kindergarten readiness tests – the NNA2 and the OLSAT. For elementary school age children, these tests explore a wide range of skills – from perceptual skills, to visual memory, to deduction, that students may or may not possess at their current developmental level and past exposure.

We work with students to see which of these skills students already have and which ones we can model and practice together so that students develop a familiarity with them on their own. Through games and game-like practice sessions, we can help students develop a wider-ranging fluency in the corps skills that are often tested.

All of our G&T and AABL prep tutors are trained and experienced elementary school teachers, so they are also familiar with the wide range of developmental skills that reveal themselves in the classroom, and how to help students move into developing these skills as well.

We hope you will consider us to work with your student to help him or her with G&T prep – it’s a fun, engaging process that can yield enormous opportunities for students and families who are interested in that path!

To learn more about our new G and T/AABL Prep book “Puzzles For Young Children” click here!

To find information about the Gifted and Talented Test program, the Gifted and Talented Test Date, or the Gifted and Talented Test program handbook, do click here to go to the city website: