Free Tutoring Resources in NYC

We believe we offer some of the very best private tutoring in the world, but we understand that sometimes people simply can’t afford it. If that is the case for you, but you would still like help, we have compiled a list below of free tutoring resources for students of all ages in NYC. Do check this out and hopefully you will be able to find help!

And finally, calling your local school or college. Many schools will offer help to their students if parents reach out to an assistant principal. Either they may know of free after school programs at the school or they may know of teachers who are willing to take some free time to spend with dedicated students. Try an assistant principal, librarian and the student’s own teachers. If none of these work, try the principal. As for colleges, most today have academic support divisions. Start by calling the Dean of Students’ office, and someone should be able to help you from there.

Have you or your kids struggled with this? If so, we'd love to hear about it and strategies you took to overcome it in the comments below!

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