“This service is a lifesaver,

said Ms. Sternberg, who reported that her son’s grades and organizational skills improved and that parent-child conflicts declined after she hired Ms. Kraglievich [of Central Park Tutors].”

November 10, 2010

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Welcome To Central Park Tutors

We are a boutique firm offering private tutoring in NYC – celebrating our 10th year! Our team of teachers is talented, experienced, personable, and inspired. We’re here to help.

Private Tutoring in NYC

As teachers and parents ourselves, we know that great tutors can always help their students succeed. We only work with forty of the finest private tutors in New York City each with a Master’s Degree, each personable, each experienced in teaching his or her subject matter. That’s why our Homework Help Tutoring has been recommended in the NY Times, why we have been asked to teach test-prep by Columbia University Teachers College, and most important, why we have been recommended by so many parents and students, including families from Spence, Horace Mann, Dalton, Trinity, Loyola, Epiphany, St. Ann’s, Riverdale, Poly Prep, SAR, Brooklyn Friends, Beacon, Manhattan Day School, Stuyvesant, Columbia University, NYU, Barnard and more. We are here to be the very best tutors in NYC. 

We’re proud of the way we have helped our students. You can read on our recommendations page a host of positive reviews about our tutoring, but this is our favorite: I want to stand on a soapbox and thank you for helping my daughter. She for once felt good about math but I could see more; she actually was saying she felt good about herself.”

Of course, we also have a track record that makes us one of the best tutoring companies in New York City to help students earn entrance to Gifted and Talented programs, Hunter, Mark Twain, Specialized High Schools, New York City private schools and the best colleges in the country.

In fact, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of our first book for NYC students: Puzzles For Young Children” a book we have made every effort to make into the most beautiful preparation book available for parents to work with their children on the Gifted and Talented Test and AABL test for NYC. Whether you’re on the Upper East Side or Upper West Side of Manhattan, downtown or in Brooklyn, we have forty of the best tutors in New York City ready for you.

To sign up for tutoring, simply fill out our sign up form and we will follow up with you right away to schedule your first session.

If you like, take a moment to read our journal, where we are accumulating the knowledge of our many present and past tutors in NYC and condensing it into short articles for parents and students.  There, we share everything from personal stories of how we taught reluctant readers to read, tips on how to provide the best academic coaching to your children, explanations of how to meet the challenges of ADHD, holistic approaches to tutoring students who need multi-sensory approaches for dyslexia, college essay application guidance, homeschooling, test-prep tips and so much more. 

Contact us, we would love to find out how we can help.